Lessons learnt from the year that was

Rohit Vadhwana Tuesday 29th December 2020 00:52 EST

(Expressed opinions are personal.)

Let's welcome the New Year 2021 with lots of hope and expectation but certainly we should not forget the year that has just gone, the year 2020. 

We all agree that the year 2020 has been a dreadful dream and no one wants to have it again in their lifetime nor in the lifetimes of the generations to come. But can anyone just erase the year from their memory? Didn’t we learn many lessons from the year? Didn’t this show us our limits as mankind and as a society?

While there are articles and videos describing both good and bad of the year 2020, let us just look at the year that is coming. Let’s remember five lessons forever:

1. We are not supreme: Human being is not the supreme power of the universe. We are so vulnerable that an invisible virus has changed the way we have lived for years. The all-mighty human race was not and is still not able to control the virus even after a year of concerted efforts. With due respect to all science, technology and capital that we have been proud of, it is evident that Mother Nature is the supreme power.

2. We can live at a slower pace: Fast-paced life had suddenly halted during the first lockdown. We tried to make the most when the lockdown was lifted. But again we have seen a resurgence of virus and most of the countries have gone under a series of lockdowns. It has slowed down our lives and still, we are living. It has made it evident that we can live at a slower pace. And slowing down has actually not affected us adversely. Rather it has improved our lives in many ways.

3. People are good, people are bad: During this pandemic, we have seen people giving selfless service to others. At the same time, we have come across cases of cheating, corruption and misuse of pandemic situation. Many people have contributed from their personal wealth, skill and time, others have preyed on government packages, charity donations and other resources fraudulently. So there is a mixed bunch of people on this planet. Some are good, some are bad. Let’s accept this reality and live with it.

4. Survival is the final aim: Those who have suffered in health and financial losses, are grateful that they survived. Had there been no pandemic, such loss of job or money would have been a prime concern, but seeing over one and half million people dying, we have realised that survival is the final aim of our life. Maybe we are poorer, maybe we are weaker, but if we have survived, we are the winner. No loss is bigger than the loss of life.

5. Continuity makes things better: Maybe we have suffered a bad year, but if we continue in our efforts in the coming years, we will become prosperous and better. We will be healthier and richer if we continue to focus on them. Discouragement should not stop us from trying again. There should be no full stop ever. The Year 2020 was just a coma, and we need to re-start and continue in life. A journey towards success and a better version of ourselves.

These are the five simpler lessons that we have always known but not followed in our daily lives, our decision making and our personal philosophy. If we can imbibe them, perhaps our outlook towards the world and life will be different. 

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