Have you got a haircut?

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 04th November 2020 05:41 EST
(Expressed opinions are personal.)During the last lockdown, which was first of its kind experience for almost everyone of us, we have learnt survival skills, with bare minimum support. One of the issue that everyone of us might have felt was haircut. Hairdressers were closed during the lockdown. For almost 3 months, people didn't get haircut. What happened? How did they manage? Everyone might have own story. Ladies might not have felt the pinch as much as men did, unless they have been sporting shorter hair. But without being sexist, I can say the ugly look conveniently targeted men, more than women. Children, with longer hair, might have looked even cuter. But what happened to men who had to have monthly haircut to appear sane and civil?Some men got their wives or children to try their hands on scissors. Some permitted natural growth of hair, exhibiting hermit like appearance. Did it make them spiritual? After all, for hairs to grow is natural. It is human intervention to cut them short, in specific styles. But did the growing hair gave feelings of being close to nature? I don't know. I didn't grow hair during lockdown. Well, to share with you all, I went bald. I shaved my head, like a buddhist monk! It didn't add more spirituality in to nature, but it was so convenient till the time hairs grew again. For sometime, I was tempted to remain bald forever. But that decision is not my prerogative. My wife has the decision making power in terms of my hairstyle! Married men would not be surprised. I wonder, if she is losing her power, with my receding hairline. Hair grew back and I had regular monthly haircuts. But it was just before announcement of lockdown by PM Boris Johnson - effective from 5th November to 2nd December - that I have got my haircut. Details are yet to be announced whether hairdressers will remain open or not, but I am fully prepared to handle this lockdown period of one month with a new haircut. Now, this haircut topic reminds me of haircut in terms of finances as well. Be prepared to cut down costs. Currently you might or might not have been affected financially. But its almost a year that the world economy has been affected adversely. So, it is going to hit everyone in one way or another. Be mindful of your growing expenses. Having a timely haircut will be useful. 


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