Accountability towards a newly made commitment

Rohit Vadhwana Tuesday 13th October 2020 06:02 EDT

Are we committed to ourselves? Can we do a task diligently, with full accountability? Or we shy away from such commitment and regularity? When we decide to go to the gym regularly, do we maintain a calendar? When we start a diet plan, can we record our schedule and maintain it? This accountability is a big landmark which decides our progression or regression on any path. If we intend to stop eating junk food, can we declare it?

If we don't want to gulp down a pint of beer, can we announce it to our peers? Sometimes we do such resolutions in our mind but keep them to ourselves, fearing that if we fail to follow, others may laugh at us. This fear comes from a lack of accountability towards the newly made commitment. 

Any resolution or commitment can be best implemented only after we have followed it regularly for at least three weeks. Ditching once maybe the occasional but second time it becomes failure and the third time it is cheating ourselves. If it happens frequently, we lose confidence to commit for anything. 

Best cultivated habits are those which happen as a routine. But for them to become a routine, disciplined adherence is necessary. A regimental commitment and unwavering accountability to the newly made resolutions can be the only successful way. It can come with a diarised schedule which is hanged on the wall and shows us what to do at what time. In the schedule, we need to make red or green tick marks. As the table becomes greener, our habit gets inforced and our commitment and accountability become successful and gets strengthened.

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