Introspection:Let's not jump to a conclusion

Rohit Vadhwana Thursday 24th August 2023 03:44 EDT
Jumping to a conclusion, prematurely, is a mistake we all make. Without listening to the full conversation, or knowing all facts, we arrive at a conclusion. This may lead to misunderstanding. It can create disharmony in cordial relationships. Perhaps it can break the confidence of the other person or it may prevent you from gaining a good friend.While having a conversation with a friend, a family member or a colleague, not making any presumption is very difficult. It's our tendency that while listening, we make our own judgments. Unfortunately, these judgements are without sufficient facts. When the other person has not provided all the details, it is our brain which fills the gaps, based on our own beliefs and understanding. Why do we need to supplant those unsaid facts? Making a conclusion about certain certitudes or persons also makes us have an opinion about it. This opinion works as glasses over our eyes. The next time when we meet the person, we see him/her through that coloured vision. This is damaging to any relationship. If someone says about his partner that she is giving him lots of trouble, it would be premature to decide that his partner is a bad person. Trouble might be about not allowing him to drink excessively, or pestering him to quit smoking. That can come out only when we know the entirety and do not jump to a conclusion without knowing them. It might or might not be possible for us to be aware of all relevant aspects through one conversation. The other person may not like to discuss with us details. In the absence of those facts, avoiding any conclusion is not easy, but we have to learn it. Having presumptions and biases about anyone is a strong reason for spoiling good connections.  It has to be a conscious effort to not arrive at a conclusion in the absence of all relevant details. Unless we train our brain to do so, it can lead us to this dangerous slippery path, resulting in damage to our social, family and professional relationships.

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