Integrity should be ingrained in our work ethic

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 09th September 2020 09:19 EDT


(Expressed opinions are personal.)

An organisation's strength is determined by the commitment of its employees. How attached and responsible employees feel for their work is important for its growth. And when, but during the Work From Home, can we better evaluate this bonding? There have been complains by many employees about merging of boundaries between personal time and official time during the working from home arrangement. Even weekend's privacy has faded away. Sometimes it is the burden of work or inability to adapt to the new normal or lack of trust between employer and employee that is responsible for such situation. Constant monitoring is neither possible nor desirable in work from home situation.

It may happen that during the working hours, employees who are working from home, may not perform well. They may spend time on personal things, rather than on company's work. When asked, they may come out with incomprehensible reasons, or enter into argument with the manager. This may discourage the manager or supervisor to question the employee but s/he would surely make an evaluation of the employee's commitment towards duty. It may also happen that the management may not be able to or wish to take any action against such failing employee. But this kind of situation has established weakness of the organisation, through the lack of performance of its members.

One may think that even after avoiding work, we are still getting salary; No one is going to take any corrective measures; Administration or management is too weak to initiate any disciplinary action for whatsoever reason. But it does not justify the behaviour of the employee. A healthy, symbiotic relationship between an organisation and its members is required for professional satisfaction and advancement. Unless both are committed to their respective roles and accountability, there cannot progress.

Earlier there was a trend when an employee would be loyal to a company and remain with it till retirement. But then began the trend of gaining growth in career by changing companies for salary hike and promotion. This jump in career by ditching one company for another was well accepted in management. It was said that one is committed to own career, not to the company. It is true. Companies had taken the toil of employees vulnerability for long. If by remaining committed to an organisation, career cannot grow, then the change is justified, for better prospects. But it became a fashion.

Currently, whatever might be the trend, whether companies are sizing down or employees are changing jobs, but what should not remain missing is strong commitment towards one's s duty. Because, it is not a commitment to the company but to personal integrity and ethics. When we lack integrity, we are doomed to fail.

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