Have you conveyed what you wanted to?

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 26th April 2023 09:31 EDT

Our reaction comes in stages. First we feel something, then we make a decision about it, afterwards we convey it in words, and finally react upon it. But often it happens that although we have felt something and thought about it, but have never conveyed to the other person. What happens when you have deliberated upon a decision in your mind but never spoken about it to the person who is meant to know it? In a few days, you develop a feeling that the other person knows about it. Because its in your mind, you sense its in their knowledge. But how can it be? Did you ever convey it to her/him? If not, how is s/he expected to know of it?
In personal relations as well as in professional life, we occasionally come across such situations. You evaluate that one employee in your company is lacking in efficiency, and you would like him to change the method of working. You have mentally deliberated upon it a few times and have made a decision to speak to the person. In one meeting, you even mention that you would like to make some changes in the working of the company, but never specifically told the particular employee in question that its him who should make the changes, and even more specifically what changes. A few days pass by, you don't see a result. You get upset that your suggestions are not taken seriously. But how can it happen if you have never conveyed your suggestions to the the person?
In personal life, you have liking for a person, you like to chat with him often. You also look for opportunities to spend time together, whenever possible. But never express your liking in clear words. A few months pass by, you don't see any inclination from that person about you two. Slowly you start having a feeling that he doesn't like you. But how can you know whether the person likes you or not, whether he will respond to your proposal positively or not, unless you make the proposal to him. Therefore, if you don't convey it, you never get it. You have to say specifically, 'I will request you to please don't do this.' 'Please can you do this?' or 'I would like to be your frined.' or 'Will you marry me?' Without saying, no one understands. Even if they understand, they would wait for you to say. So, make sure that you have conveyed what you wanted to.


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