Rohit Vadhwana Monday 20th December 2021 07:52 EST

As the year 2021 ends, we have seen the trough and crest of covid waves, giving us strong challenges and chances to bring the best out of ourselves. People needed to pull all their resources to fight against this difficult time. Finance, relations, health, strength and endurance - everything was stretched and tested during the time of the pandemic. Among all, what is most strikingly coming out as a message for humanity is kindness. Without kindness, it would not have been possible to sail through this tough time. Our helpfulness transcended all the boundaries and limitations to save each other. It kept the society, economy and people afloat. So, the best message of the year was kindness - generosity and selfless services to humanity.
You might have seen and shown compassion during the year in some form or other but as the year ends, it is better to take it as a lesson for the future as well. It will be the best takeaway out of the year to make the future safe and prosperous. If one can decide to maintain a considerate attitude towards others' problems, it will ensure a better future for everyone. Throughout the evolution of humankind, we have relied on the support of other elements of the universe. Our progress also depends on the sacrifices made by others - by way of contributing through physical labour, scientific development and societal progress. We are benefited from animals, birds and other living beings from the time mankind have come into existence. It is time to be altruistic and magnanimous to others - both to humans and non-human.
While we take a pledge to maintain a kinder attitude in the future, it is important to make it more specific. A doctor can decide to be forgiving in terms of fees for poor people, a lawyer can provide free counsel to the needy and a teacher may decide to give some time in free tuition to deprived students. If you have any possibility where kindness can flow from your profession or skill, that chance should be considered as a blessing. You can decide to make the best use of this opportunity to be generous towards disadvantaged people.
There are many people living in poverty and suffering pain. They need a nudge from those who are placed in privileged situations. Those who are blessed with wealth and prosperity should come forward to genuinely share the resources they can for others. It differs from person to person as to what kind of support and sympathy one can extend, but there is always someone in need of it. There is no competition or comparison. Every little thing counts towards the betterment of someone. If you can commit yourself to at least one act of benevolence in the next year, that will go a long way. Continuing with this approach, your accumulated contribution in a lifetime will be so generous to make yourself proud. Decide the kind of kindness that you can extend to others.  

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