Are you rising in your career or growing?

Rohit Vadhwana Wednesday 07th June 2023 08:27 EDT

Often we misinterpret the term career growth as a rise in career. If you are employed in a company and getting promotions at regular intervals, it's a rise in your career. It certainly is expected to be coupled with a pay hike as well. In most cases, it is a measurement of success in your career. It is a recognition of your talent and hard work. It shows your capability as a professional.But what happens when you have risen to a certain level, and there are not many roles above it? Till the time there is any vacancy above, you do not get a rise in rank again. However, your pay may increase with time, but getting a promotion might not be possible. However, if you see your current position, and analyse it from the aspects of stretched responsibility, the opportunity to participate in important meetings, respect for your views and a position where you can guide and train your juniors, they may add positively to your experience and skill. They would fuel your career growth, even though there would be no change in designation. Just moving up is not a measurement of success in a career. There is less space at the top of the mountain, so unless someone vacates, you can't set foot there. It is understandable. Therefore, after a certain level in your career, it is better to evaluate your career from other relevant parameters as well. If your relationship with the employee and colleagues is cordial, your views are taken seriously, you are welcomed in important meetings, there are opportunities to learn new things and you have the freedom to make decisions reasonably independently, they count for growth. They count for success. They add to your career profile and serve as a base for any future opportunity. For those who are driven by hikes and jumps, it is important to understand that spread and width are also important. Growth might not always be vertical but come as horizontal. If you are getting frustrated because of a lack of promotion in your current assignment, check if it is because of a lack of opportunities above there or for any other reason. Provided that you deserve, and promotion is not coming for the reason of non-availability of higher positions, examine if you are getting horizontal growth. In that case, you don't need to be frustrated. Wait for an appropriate time or opportunity when you can use all your learning experiences that are acquired during this period. 

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