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Stay at home to beat the virus

Monty Panesar Wednesday 25th March 2020 13:23 EDT

The Covid-19 virus has taken the world by storm. It has stopped all sporting events and the risks should be taken seriously. We should be at home for at least 3 weeks and we should take the government advise very seriously.

The cricket season is currently under review. Club cricketers in the UK may face the possibility of not playing at all this season. The health of the nation is far more important than the economy or your own hobbies and passions of life.

The professional cricket season has been postponed until the end of May. It is very likely that we may only see T20 matches and regional four-day cricket which could be a safer option than travelling around the country to play county championship.

There is uncertainty with the IPL. The league is postponed until 15th April, but we may see further delays announced by the Indian Government because they would want foreign players to play in the IPL.

The question remains would other nations give permission for cricketers to travel to India?If the IPL was played without the international cricketers would it attract the same interest?The Premier League is another uncertainty? When should the league be played? Will we see Premier League matches in the summer for the first time in the history of the premier league?Now is the time to come together as a nation and follow the government’s advice. We should stay at home for 3 weeks and only go out for food and medical services.

Our death toll is already higher than Italy at the same stage, so we need to follow the advice because it takes 2 weeks for the symptoms to establish in your body. It would be best to stay at home, and once the weather warms up let us hope that the situation will improve.I am already thinking of the possibility that we will not play any cricket this season. We may not even get a chance to play club cricket this year.My advice for you is to stay at home, be selfless and think about other people. We can collectively work together to stop the virus spreading. Let's just think about the NHS doctors, nurses and staff who are working endlessly for us to be alive.

Let's protect the NHS. Please stay home.

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