One to One: Bali Brahmbhatt, Playback Singer and Radio Show Presenter

Keith Vaz Monday 21st November 2022 03:36 EST

Bali Brahmbhatt is a Radio Show Presenter with Lyca Gold, currently residing in the UK. Born in Kenya, Bali is a Gujarati music director and playback singer who has sung several Bollywood songs and released multiple independent hits. Having worked with Indian musical stalwarts like Bappi Lehri, Nadeem Shravan, Anand Milan and Anu Malik, Bali’s first song in Bollywood was “Lena Hai Lena Hai”, composed by Bappi Lehri for the 1993 film Bomb Blast. Best known for his hit songs "Kem Che", “Amma Dekh” and the "Gabbar Mix", Bali specializes in rap, reggae and funk music and is believed to have introduced rap to Bollywood and India through his “Patel Rap”. Currently, Bali continues to entertain his fans through his radio show every afternoon on Lyca Gold.

1) Which place or city or country do you most feel at home in?

 It is the UK because I get to be with my family & friends and work at Lyca Gold Radio and stage shows. After leaving Kenya in 1976 to come to the UK, I went to India in 1992 to work in Bollywood for 20 years. Only when I got back in 2012, did I realise how much I missed my family. Hence, UK is always a special home.

2) What are your proudest achievements?

Looking after my parents in the last 5 years of their lives.

AND going to Bollywood, singing a few songs that reached the TOP 10 charts!

3) What inspires you?

My first inspiration was my mother, who was a teacher. She taught me Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi and English, telling me that these would be useful if I ever went to India and how right she was. It all came to use when I started singing in different languages for Bollywood. My mother also bought me my first guitar and got me interested in music. So, its my mother and now music that continue to inspire me. This is what made Bali. Along with music, being a Lyca Gold Radio presenter also inspires me.

4) What has been the biggest obstacle in your career?

There are always ups and downs in life but I consider that as challenges and not obstacles.

5) Who has the biggest influence on your career to date?

My wife Sheila. A partner, a manager, a secretary, a provider and my psychiatrist who listens to all my scruples and stands by me!

6) What is the best aspect of your current role?

Personally, I play the roles of a husband, father, grandfather and brother. The best aspect is the respect given by each relation which in turn gives immense joy. The pleasure of playing each of these roles simultaneously cannot be put into words!!

Professionally, my current role as a Radio Presenter has brought me into touch with all UK-ites that I had left behind for 20 years when I went to India to work in Bollywood.

7) And the worst?

The worst aspect is the effect of ageing. It slows down performance.

8) What are your long-term goals?

My Long-term goals are to hit the charts again in Bollywood and be part of a winning team at Lyca Gold Radio as a presenter!!

9) If you were Prime Minister, what one aspect would you change?

If I was PM, I would provide a handsome reward for all those people that work and pay taxes all their lives and stop allowances for all those that have zero contributions.

10) If you were marooned on a deserted island, which historical figure would you like to spend your time with and why

Man do all the work for me and serve me!!!

But jokes aside,  If I was marooned on a deserted island, I would like to spend my time with

Thor Heyerdahl (an adventurer and ethnographer with deep knowledge of zoology, botany and geography). Together, we would build a boat and sail away towards our homes!!

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