Ella Impressions: Art Extended to Fashion

Sunetra Senior Wednesday 26th June 2019 06:17 EDT

Ella Impressions is a fashion brand that channels the high world of art into couture fashion. Formerly an accomplished artist with a thriving, modern gallery, Ella’s rich, vivid images contain intricate shapes rendered in an array of solid colours. They skillfully capture the elusive textures of flowing emotion. “When I paint, I paint with the eyes of my mind and heart.

I lean towards warmer colours on days I am filled with love and cooler colours when I am feeling relaxed or laid back – there is always fluidity and movement.” From ‘romance’ to sentiments of ‘mellowness’ and more complex concepts of ‘creation’, the artist boldly champions the entirety of the human soul. Indeed, her undulating, melodic visuals – at once precise and expansive – are reminiscent of the visionary painter, Kandinsky, who stated “that internal necessity” compels artists to create, and audiences to admire by way of having had a previously empty space filled.

Ella’s minimalist yet multicoloured patterns celebrate the joy of being an individual. What better place to take her creative pieces than the tactile, transformative canvas of clothing, which enters into the everyday? Ella Impressions aptly employs the delicate yet “stylish” category of luxury accessories to “help amalgamate a piece of art within the wardrobe to create a unique style statement.” She elaborated on a handbag and scarf pairing, which carries her artistic piece “optimism” (pictured): “It was about finding the bright side of life and glowing in its light. These pieces are dear to me because I feel like I am sending out a positive vibe and a happy prayer to the buyer through them.” She said of the complementary material medium provided by fashion: “Ella Impressions gives me the opportunity to make my art more physical. Constructed carefully and curated with meticulousness and detailing of the best quality, The Scarf is a beautiful soft silk, digitally printed beauty while the clutch purse is crafted in fine PU leather to create original, luxury goods made with the most attentive finesse.”


Thus, tapping into a deep source of intuitive expression, Ella comes to occupy a truly innovative niche. In a predominantly purely aesthetic, and so perhaps even disconnected, industry, she keeps a natural footing in the intimate, inner world. “This is an age of silent revolution,” she said, “where we are growing into a modern world while reviving the old and it is truly remarkable.” Painting has always been a part of Ella’s personal journey. Today the founder of a “quirky”, quality label then, her work radiates powerfully from the inside outwards, having evolved professionally with the gifted artist. “This is a journey of EMOTION, ART & FASHION,” she summarised. “The fashion is simply an extension of my art. Imagine a little world where we can DREAM, AMALGAMATE and CREATE. DREAM, of out of the box possibilities which no ordinary brand can state, but still remain true to our simple and elegant roots.” Set to expand her trend-setting designer gallery into a variety of high end apparel, it will soon be possible to experience the poetry of art through the practical motions of fast-paced life: “From soft ‘Pashminas’ that will feel like a puff of clouds against your skin, to Craft that will make you wear shades of blue when you are sad and pick bright reds for romantic getaways, every single piece will speak to you of its origin and birth and you will feel like you are lost in a garden of beauty and royalty while you adorn them.” Ella’s colours, prints, and artworks can connect with every identity: “buyers will extend the narrative by wearing the pieces.”

What are some of your favourite fashion trends at the moment?

I love the trends this season that Hermes has launched. Such a beautifully unique perspective of fashion that stems from art. I am also loving the rising small studio designers and niche luxury designers who are working so hard to revive art forms and handicrafts styles of various cultures to create beautiful fashion.

Do you think accessories are underrated sometimes? Your collection shows how a scarf or bag can really make an outfit pop?

Subtle is a style too, so is pop art or mix and match. My accessories work with most styles. They are artistic yet subtle and classy. They can be paired with work wear as well as party wear.

You say you use minimalist art. Tell us more?

While creating this line of products, the main focus was to create something that is timeless and classic: a legacy to the artwork and not just fashion accessories. By keeping the styles and silhouettes classic and the artwork subtle, a beautiful and minimalist yet chic piece of both fashion and art has been created.

What have been some of your proudest accolades?

My art career started in 1984 and since then I have set various milestones for myself that I have successfully achieved and been blessed enough to accomplish. To pick one would not be fair but I am proud of my art, the achievements and all the arenas that have opened up through my art like this fashion line. I am also very happy with being able to be a part of the women empowerment movement and to contribute in it in my own small way: through various channels like being an Ambassador to Bahrain for Arts of India, and founding Ella Art Foundation in India for children and women. I feel like I am making a small difference in the world and that is all I can hope for.

Finally, what made you decide to move to fashion from art?

I have by no means left art behind. What I believe is that art is universal. It is fluid. It is all-comprising and is the basis of building anything at all.

W: https://www.ellaimpressions.com/


“From soft ‘Pashminas’ that will feel like a puff of clouds against your skin, to Craft that will make you wear shades of blue when you are sad and pick bright reds for romantic getaways, every single piece speaks to you of its origin and birth”

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