Betrayal?... Betrayal?... Betrayal?

C B Patel Tuesday 18th December 2018 12:14 EST

These words resonate in the public domain more frequently nowadays. Who is betraying whom is the question. Some lies, several lies.
Some former Cabinet Ministers, of Theresa May government, who resigned in rush forecasting the departure of the PM immediately, Keep on claiming without any sense of recollection or shame that People’s Vote is a betrayal of democracy.

People’s choice of 2016 Referendum: How preposterous!

Real hypocrisy. Many of those who campaigned for 'leave’ andeven some for ‘remain’, conveniently kept on piling heaps of lies, exaggerations, unjustifiable claims, in their proclamations, in the campaign.

Do you remember, that UK would have saved at least £350mn per week from the EU contributions? Do you know some irresponsible spokespersons talking about increased world status if UK is really Independent? Let’s not repeat the provocative statements about immigration and immigrants, it hurts even now.

After going through the ‘hassle’ of “agreed terms of divorce”, many have come down to the earth, but all of them, conveniently wants us to forget their irresponsible and misleading statements. Some of them are, are so arrogant that they betray the British ministerial tradition that when them leave their office, they vacate the posh residence, provided as the perk of the job. Shame on them.

The CBI and other business groups, the Bank of England, even the British government have accepted in no uncertain terms that after Brexit and especially without agreed terms and conditions, there will be severe economic hardship. There will be unemployment, pound's value will fall, raising fear of inflation, with a possibility of shortages and queues. Even for vital medicines, millions of patients are going through anxieties, let alone the NHS professionals. Please don’t remind us about the transport bottlenecks, at sea ports and airports- if the planes ever fly in the number they are now.

Some Brexit hard liners are speaking excitedly about “managed no-deal”. What a juxtaposition of words! They are not afraid of immediate chaos and distraction from and are day dreaming for the long term economic gain. Gain or damage?

No doubt even from some cabinet members and continuously undecided labour big wigs, now we hear about increasingly vocal support for a second referendum. It reminds me of Jeremy Hunt, the Foreign Secretary whose hard work for improving NHS was so sadly counter productive, if one can say.

He a remainer turned Brexit hardliner is really great. He has claimed to have said even in a no deal situation, this is a great country, we will find a way to flourish and prosper. We have faced much bigger challenges in history.” Surprisingly for a man of his intelligence, he concedes, “we should not pretend there will be no disruption.” But with British inner strengths, we will muddle through. Some hope, some day dream.

Of late PM Theresa May gaining wide spread supported and new found respect for her resilience and doggedness. She does not have to continuously negotiate or fight with EU bigwigs alone. There are some of her own supporters who are attacking her without any sense of shame or responsibility.

Don’t underestimate another woman British Prime Minister. She may not be carrying the handbag, but she knows how the game is being played. Perhaps deep down her strategy can now see the light at the end of the tunnel through People’s Vote. So it should be.

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