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C B Patel Thursday 17th January 2019 07:08 EST

Illusion of Grandeur

On Tuesday Tory government received a rubbing nose, historic defeat, which was not a real surprise. Prior to the vote, there was turmoil in the Cabinet on this subject. On Wednesday when we were going to the press, the Commons was debating on the Labour Party proposal for vote of 'no confidence' in the government, which Prime Minister Theresa May won by 19 votes. The ERG, and the DUP have publicly announced that they will back the Prime Minister. After all the cement of power is very effective indeed.
At the same time, to invite a general election and facilitate the potential of a labour government, especially run by the politics of present leadership has its own risk and some labour supporters are aware of it.
Before I continue about illusions let me clearly say that to force a 37 week pregnant woman to postpone thecaesarian operation and make her attend the tense chamber is nothing but a shame on the glorious traditions of the British Parliamentary democracy. The system is rotten and both parties are guilty of any potential harm to the child and the mother.


Let us look at the illusions. The ERG group has expanded from 45 odd hard core Eurosceptics, partly because of the inclusion of axed Cabinet Ministers and others over the last 8 years of Tory government, first five with Lib Dem partnership. It was unfair of Jacob Rees-Mogg to claim that the earlier vote of the 1922 Committee in support of Theresa May ascribing was due to power seekers.

Who are in the ERG? On one hand there are little Englanders, some disgruntled office bearers, and some aspiring to be in the power if Theresa May is toppled. In politics after all with all the ideals, the primary purpose is power. Let’s not have any illusion.

Some are day dreaming about the British power and influence in the modern world like that at to the end of WorldWar II. U.K. and allied powers won the last war. Lest we forget. The British people's willingness to stand up to Nazi assault for freedom and sacrifices were remarkable. Equally never forget that USA, as well as Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa and Canada- the British dominion and colonies in Asian and Africa contributed enormously with man and material. Undivided India’s contribution in blood and toil is a story in itself.  High time it is made a subject in the British school curriculum.

Some eurosceptics demand larger defence budget partly to please USA as well as ensure Union Jack continues to fly on the top. Untimely and unrealistic proposal without logic or common sense. USA ($700 billion) China ($450bn) Russia ($80bn) and other upcoming powers allocating almost $50 bn perhaps have a right concern. But UK? Let’s not forget that U.K. is a staunch ally of the Nato Nations from its inception and all recognised for it.
International influence, even power comes from strong economy, social cohesion, peace and unity in the country, with Scotland aching to be separate, Northern Ireland where precious peace was established 20 years ago has its own dimensions. 

It is important that we keep United Kingdom united and strong rather than world wide domination and fame.
Whatever Brexit we have- hard or soft, will result in bad economy says the government report, Bank of England and IMF study and analyses of CBI and other business groups. Healthy economy is essential for any nation to survive with respect and dignity.  It’s mind boggling but a small group of people are willing to invite related poverty for some dogmatic reasons. This is not the British temperament or tradition. In the modern world, strategic alliance is of great importance, in all aspects of life including in international affairs. One out of 28 with about 8 percent of its economy and other strength cannot curve out a separate niche under any circumstances, says several independents surveys. Another subject is not thoroughly examining the post Brexit competitive strength for UK and British economy. 
Tory leadership 
Talk about future development in the Commons and the Country especially in the Conservative party. To retain the power some are willing to ditch Theresa May. I believe she has performed well in the given circumstances. After the referendum result and the sudden departure of David Cameron, she has gambled with the general election. Show me one person at the helm, who succeeds in every risk they take. Inspite of the horrendous hounds surrounding her within her own party, May has worked as best as she could. Yes the Brexit package is not perfect but you cant have your cake and eat it. After all compromises in life are better than committing suicide. Let’s look at the contenders for the crown. According to The Times, Boris 6/1, Sajid 6/1, Dominic Raab 8/1, Jeremy Hunt 8/1, Michael Gove 12/1, Amber Rudd 16/1 and Jacob Rees-Mogg 16/1.
Boris is the one who has proclaimed his capability and desire for the position. His personal problems along with his track record is not an advantage for him. Sajid Javid, a sober man with good family set up has been handling Home Office well, in spite of the crisis prior to his arrival there. Is UK now ready for a non white PM, especially of a Muslim background? That is a question. 

It is difficult to restrain a person or group of people who are drunk. Hunger for power is also very intoxicating, especially when coupled with narrow nationalism.

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