Vaz completes Annual Diabetes Awareness Walk

Saturday 26th November 2022 00:36 EST

Keith Vaz a diagnosed type 2 diabetes who has completed his annual diabetes walk in Leicester last Saturday 19th November 2022 and raised £1,556 for Diabetes UK Britain’s leading diabetes charity.  The walk takes place each year to highlight the risk of diabetes to the population.   

There are 4.6 million people are living with diabetes in the UK and an additional 1.1 million people equivalent to the size of Birmingham are expected to have diabetes but are as, yet they are undiagnosed. In Leicester where the walk took place there is a higher-than-average number of people with diabetes (8.9% compared to 6.4% nationally) and this is expected to rise further to 12% by 2025.  

Vaz the founder of the Diabetes Charity Silver Star and the former Member of Parliament for Leicester East, Chaired the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Diabetes for 10 years during his time in Parliament. The money raised will go to Diabetes UK.  The walk was not just to raise money for a worthwhile cause but also it will be to emphasise the need for exercise.   

Physical activity improves blood glucose in type 2 diabetes (T2D), reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), contributes to weight loss and improves well-being. Regular exercise may prevent or delay type 2 diabetes development. Walking is the most common form of daily physical activity, with numerous studies demonstrating its beneficial effects on reducing the risk of T2D, CVD, and mortality. Walking for at least 30 minutes a day is shown to reduce the risk of T2D by approximately 50%.   

Keith Vaz says;   

“Diabetes is a cause close to my heart. I only discovered by chance that I had diabetes through a chance testing by my local GP, Dr Azhar Farooqui. As a result of that, I realise the importance not just of physical exercise but also making people aware of it. Diabetes is a ticking time bomb if we we don’t act it will become a tsunami.  I am delighted that we are part of this fund-raising event that can make a real difference to the lives of people living with diabetes.”   

Donations can still be made until midnight on Friday 25th November 2022 through ‘Just Giving’ with the link below;   

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