UK's South Asian organisations celebrate Yoga day

Wednesday 12th June 2024 06:41 EDT

World Yoga Day, celebrated annually on 21 June, is a global event dedicated to showcasing the ancient practice of yoga and its myriad benefits for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. 

Initiated by India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi and endorsed by the United Nations in 2014, this day promotes yoga's holistic approach to health and harmony. 

World Yoga Day encourages people from all walks of life to embrace yoga as a means of achieving inner peace, enhanced flexibility, and overall vitality. The celebration features a wide range of activities, from large-scale public yoga sessions to educational workshops, all aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of yoga's transformative power.

In the UK, World Yoga Day is embraced with enthusiasm, drawing participants from all walks of life to engage in various yoga-related activities. South Asian organisations, community groups, and yoga centres across the UK play a pivotal role in these celebrations, hosting large-scale public yoga sessions, educational workshops, and wellness seminars.

On June 15, the High Commission of India is organising a significant event to celebrate the International Day of Yoga at the iconic Trafalgar Square in London from 17:00 to 21:00. Supported by the Mayor of London, the program will feature speeches by the High Commissioner and the Chief Guest, followed by demonstration of yoga by instructors from prominent yoga organisations. Additionally, the Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK) Trust will celebrate their 10th International Yoga Day & Patanjali Parivar Milan event on June 23 from 10:00 to 15:00 at Ramgarhia Hall, Ulverscroft Road, Leicester. Moreover, the Indian Diaspora in the UK will present the International Day of Yoga & IDUK sports awards on June 21 from 17:00 to 21:00 at Arbour Park Stadium, Stoke Road, Slough. On 21 June, instructor Preet Ghura is conducting a Yoga session between 6:00 to 7:00 Pm at Ceremonial Way, Newcastle Civic Centre. Soham Yoga London presents the International Yoga day celebration in London (Harrow) for the Yogathon challenge on 22 June at  9.45 am-12.30 pm BST. These events highlight the widespread and growing appreciation of yoga's benefits in the UK, fostering unity and well-being within the community. 

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