Theresa praises HSS (UK) at largest youth event of next generation of leaders

Tuesday 02nd August 2022 06:11 EDT

In a week that saw the conservative leadership contest heating up, the commonwealth games in Birmingham, the first week of school holidays for many and the British Lionesses win the European Cup, you’d be forgiven for thinking most people were either glued to the television, watching some sports live or rushing to go on holiday. But for a record 400+ volunteers of HSS UK their commitment to the concept of Sanskar, Sewa and Sangathan inspired them to help, teach or attend, a 9-day intensive leadership training course known as Sangh Shiksha Varg (SSV). 


Along with various councillors, Barry Gardiner MP, an ardent supporter of the Hindu community visited and chatted with HSS (UK) members and was asked to send the message that there remains in the Labour party an anti-Hindu element that the Labour party has to tackle. Baroness Sandy Verma also recognised that much more needed to be done by the Conservatives too for the Hindu community. 


 At the concluding ceremony too, where there was a total gathering of over 800, this point was echoed by the chief guest the Rt Hon. Theresa Villiers MP who congratulated HSS (UK) for the work they did during Covid and the continued contribution Hindus make as integral members of UK society. 


Dr Yogish Joshi, Joint General Secretary of HSS (UK), in his concluding speech pointed out, however, that “these MP’s and the Baroness are in the minority to come out and publicly support the community when it has been needed”. He added that “Hindus are underrepresented in the prison population, overrepresented as taxpayers contributing to the Treasury and one of the most hardworking communities, yet they are ignored in policy making and indeed maligned by those with political agendas”.  

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