The gift of reading on Christmas

Monday 13th December 2021 10:01 EST

A British Asian owned book retailer based in Leicester called Book2Door have made their priority to make reading accessible and affordable for all and have done some great work through donations to local schools, community centres, international aid and are donating over eight-hundred books to charity this Christmas. They have a huge Christmas collection and are very ready to join the festivities.


Speaking to Asian Voice about his work on Christmas, Abdul Thadha, founder of Books2Door explained, “Our ethos is to support children by making books accessible and we want every child to have something to open this Christmas. 


“It’s important to explain that our donations don’t only occur at Christmas time. Throughout the year, we proactively engage in opportunities to share our books, when and where we can. This ranges from charities to dedicated book events and beyond. Earlier this year, we donated 1000 books to Gaza’s only children’s bookstore which was destroyed in airstrikes, to help them rebuild this important place within the community. 


“We also recognise and celebrate events that are dedicated to a love for books such as the popular World Book Day and World Book Night. For both of these in 2021, we offered members of the public the opportunity to get hold of 17,000 entirely free books via our website. We’ll be back in 2022 with even more to offer!


“However we recognise that Christmas is a particularly challenging time for many, especially post-Covid and we want to help in any way we can. The great thing about books is that it’s something children can enjoy over and over again, or even pass onto siblings. 


“I like to think we are in a fortunate position to put a smile on a child’s face - as a bookseller, we are opening our hearts and giving children the gift of reading.”


Shortlisted titles:

Baby books

Book title

Let's Play George! (Rainbow Hand Puppet Book)

Time for Bed, Zippy! (Rainbow Hand Puppet Book)

I Love You, Bungle! (Rainbow Hand Puppet Book)

Ages 5-7

Book title

The Diaries of Robin's Toys: 10 Book Box Set

Ages 7-9

Book title

Mr Pattacake - The 10 Book Collection

Ages 7-9

Book title

The Dinosaur Detectives - 6 Book Collection

Danny Dingles Fantastic Finds - 5 Book Collection

Ages 9-14

Book title

Apley Towers: Books 4-6 Slipcase

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