Spontaneous street celebrations harm our image

Nitin Mehta Wednesday 21st September 2022 09:59 EDT

The recent trouble in Leicester is a warning that interracial violence could surface at any time. This would lead

to break down in law and order and add to fear and apprehension and to pressures of life as if they are not enough already.

Over the last 20 years, we have had big numbers of Indians settling in this country. This has evolved into a unique amalgamation between East African Indians and the more recently arrived Indian Indians. Both have complemented each other. Indians from India have found already existing facilities of temples, schools and thriving culture all of which the East African Indians have built through their hard work and commitment to our Dharma. The Indians from India have on their part revived our culture and Dharma. They are highly educated and high achievers. This excellent partnership is destined to achieve a lot on all fronts from Politics, Entrepreneurship, Education and Cultural vibrancy. What we have to be very careful of is to maintain our reputation of being a law-abiding community which blends in with the norms and values of this country.

Spontaneous celebrations on the streets of our cities if India wins a Cricket match cause a lot of disturbance. It leads to traffic jams, and noise pollution and interferes negatively with the lives of the ordinary public. This gives our community a bad image. During the recent Indian Independence Day, Indian motorbike delivery riders caused a nuisance around the Kingsbury area. Hooting, shouting and riding as a group does not do our Image any good.

There have been video clips of people doing the Garba dance in residential streets. Just imagine how much good we would be losing from the people of other faiths living in those streets.

Sporting celebrations should be confined within the four walls of our homes or at a designated community centre. I call upon all the community elders to send a clear message that taking to the streets without prior permission and planning is against the interests of our community. With Diwali coming soon we have to completely avoid using firecrackers. They cause pollution and frighten the life out of domestic animals. If you must use firecrackers go to a field away from residential areas. The Jewish community and its excellent success in all fields in this country is an example of how communities can realise their full potential.

We as a community have achieved a lot in this country and we have many aspirations for our youth growing up here. Let us not ruin our image in petty point scoring.

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