Sikh MP condemns Golden Temple sacrilege attempts, courts controversy

Wednesday 22nd December 2021 07:48 EST

A UK MP Preet Kaur Gill has condemned the alleged sacrilege incidents at the Golden Temple, and the lynching of the alleged culprit. She courted controversy over a purportedly deleted tweet in which she accused a “Hindu terrorist” of committing sacrilege. 


UK’s first female Sikh MP, Gill tweeted Monday, “Beadbi incidents are unacceptable but the lynching of another person is also unacceptable and no one should take matters into their own hands. We need a full enquiry into these matters.” An unidentified man was beaten to death at the Golden Temple in Amritsar Saturday evening after he allegedly attempted to desecrate the Guru Granth Sahib. 


Screenshots of what appears to be a deleted tweet by Gill emerged over the weekend in which she allegedly replied to an unverified video by saying, “Hindu terrorist prevented from an act of violence at the Sikh Holy shrine of Harmandir Sahib, (Golden Temple) against Sikhs.” 

Preet Gill, MP Edgbaston, Birmingham, Shadow Cabinet Minister International Development in response to her dismaying Tweet about the violation of the Guru Granth Sahib at the Golden Temple recently and the lynching that followed it.


Author writes an Open-Letter to Preet Kaur Gill MP


Dr Gautam Sen wrote an open letter to the Sikh MP on 20th December 2021, which read as follows: 


“Madam, you gleefully pronounce the shocking transgression of the Guru Granth Sahib at the Golden Temple was by a ‘Hindu terrorist’. This insinuation suggests Hindu terrorism is some sort of recognised general problem and abounds everywhere Hindus live. You apparently need reminding, the sacred Golden Temple was in fact occupied by the Khalistani terrorist, Bhindranwale until it was liberated by brave Indian soldiers at a high cost in lives. 


“That tragic act of liberation even received some support from HMG at the time. It was the same Khalistani terrorist Bhindranwale and his supporters who brought shame on the revered Gurus of Sikhism and the incarnation of the divine,  Guru Nanak, by executing innocent Hindu bus passengers across Punjab. Yet, his life-size portrait adorns the entrance to the major gurdwara in Southall, shamefully, adjacent to Guru Teg Bahadur’s and his portraits also hang in many others across the U.K. And Air India’s Kanishka was downed over the Irish Sea by Khalistani terrorists, killing hundreds of innocent people. This is the kind of terrorism and its continuing celebration by Khalistanis that should preoccupy you instead of slandering people who are mostly at the receiving end of terrorism. 


“Your tweet also seems to imply that the way the unwarranted and condemnable violation of the Guru Granth Sahib was dealt with prevented violence. You’re surely not suggesting extrajudicial lynchings are justifiable once criminals have been apprehended since your Tweet is ambiguous. However, such treatment of the accused would be entirely in keeping with the national traditions of the neighbouring country that sponsors Khalistani terrorism? Do consider the rather dire consequences such methods of dealing with terrorists of one faith would have on the streets In Britain. I will be looking forward to your unambiguous denunciation of terrorism on British soil in the future, even at the cost of votes in your Edgbaston, Birmingham constituency. 


“However, many of us will campaign against you at the next general elections at Edgbaston and nor will we deal with the political party which sees fit to appoint you as a front bench spokesperson. Disgraceful and all of a piece!


I understand the inflammatory Tweet has been deleted but that does not automatically obviate suspicions about the mindset which first posted it.”

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