Sibling duo create UK’s first bespoke vaping bar

Monday 13th April 2015 15:45 EDT

Two sisters have switched from law to retail to launch the UK’s first bespoke vaping bar. 

Sadia Tanvir-Navaab and Almas Tanvir-Khan, the former immigration lawyers, have opened Avant Garde Bespoke Vaping bar in the heart of London’s West End, creating a glamorous venue where both men and women can enjoy one of the UK’s fastest growing pastimes – vaping (using electronic cigarettes).

Their vaping bar is the first in the country to feature mixologists who allow customers to choose the exact combination of flavours for their vaping device.

The sisters hope to encourage more women to try vaping as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

The idea for their change of career came after Sadia’s husband Yousuf began to experiment with mixing his own e-liquid blends to try out on friends and family.

Avant Garde’s delectable blends have also caught the eye of those with a sweet tooth as a method of weight loss.

Another goal for Sadia and Almas is to achieve gender balance in the vaping industry.

“As vaping is a relatively new socialising activity, we don’t want it to be labelled as men-only early on. Hopefully more female-friendly vaping bars will start appearing in the UK but we wanted to make a start on engaging the female community...

“We are also introducing a Ladies Night in March in which we will invite women to come along to female-led workshops as well as competitions and demonstrations of all the latest hardware...”

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