Record price for Dr Amte’s biography in UK

Tuesday 29th September 2015 11:30 EDT

Famous philanthropist and animal welfare activist Dr Prakash & Mandakini Amte’s visit to UK created much hype during his two of the many events carried across UK. Hemalkasa Health Foundation UK members Rahul Karurkar, Siddharth Mukne, Rahul Chimbalkar, Ashok Rokade, Mohini Kelkar & Nikhil Deshpande organised the events across UK. The London event held at Nehru centre on 20th Sept was packed house despite being a festival season. It was for the first time in the history of High Commission of India allowed Nehru centre to open on Sunday especially for this event.

Dr Prakash inaugurated website of Hemalkasa Health Foundation UK, a charity trust to receive help from UK for Lokabiradari Prakalpa at Hemalkasa. Audience was spellbound listening Dr Amte’s experiences during his 43 yrs of work for tribals and orphaned animals. Dr Amte’s Autobiography Pathways to Light was auctioned at Slough event and a single copy was sold for 1000 pounds equivalent to more than one lac rupees.

The second copy was sold at £500. There is no known record of any marathi book getting such a huge price in the history. Therefore it was widely acknowledged as a record. Slough Mitra Mandal helped arrange Slough event. Many people are still donating generously. A digital x-ray machine was also sponsored for Hemalkasa hospital. 

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