Political Snapshots

Tuesday 17th March 2015 10:59 EDT


Ed Miliband stated, “the Tories, the party that haven't won a majority for over 20 years, are now running a misleading campaign based on the idea of a Labour-SNP coalition. This idea is nonsense. It will not happen. There are big differences between us- not just on the integrity of the United kingdom and another referendum, but on a fair funding between the countries of the UK. And on fair taxes. In continuing to repeat this claim, the Conservative Party and David Cameron are simply trying to scare people. Labour will not go into coalition government with the SNP. There will be no SNP ministers in any government I lead.”

Second Job:

Grant Shapps has used a Conservative law firm to pressurise a constituent to remove criticism about his pursuit of business interests after becoming an MP. Shapps has been accused of having a second job as an MP although it is against the law. Shapps denies these accusations. “I have never had a second job whilst being an MP. End of story.”


Karie Murphy, a Labour activist has not been included in the selection list and found out last moment. Murphy states, “I am disappointed that the Labour Party advised the media of my exclusion from the selection list more than three hours before they informed me. It is a credit that the shortlist is made up of so many local women, this is a new welcome precedent for the Labour Party but it's regrettable that it wasn't applied more rigorously in the past. 

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