Paper Plus Europe

Creating wealth from waste

Tuesday 14th August 2018 15:47 EDT

Paper Plus Europe is a supplier of carbon neutral paper. The flagship product of Paper Plus Europe is envoPAP - paper made from sugarcane fibre. According to a company source, in the last two and half years, envoPAP has already saved 550,000 trees. It attributes this dramatic success to using a ‘waste to wealth’ approach. Agro-waste from sugar cane comprises 80% of the envoPAP paper compared to paper made from wood fibres. Production of envoPAP helps the environment. Using 8 packets of envoPAP saves one tree. Currently, envoPAP is used for copier and offset printing. Research and development will ensure that envoPAP has a bright future across a range of packaging applications in all industries. 

The company was founded by Kaushal Shah. In 2018 Paper Plus Europe was a finalist in the Green Tech Challenge. Green Tech Challenge is an investment competition for green businesses who have the potential to disrupt traditional supply chains.  Under Kaushal Shah's leadership, the company has already achieved over two years of successful trade and is poised to become the leading supplier of sustainable solutions in Europe.

It has already established a strong global presence. Paper Plus attended Print Pack Expo in Nairobi this June to gauge local interest. Demand for their products in Africa has resulted in opening a representative office in Kenya later this year. Currently, the company is valued at £5 million. There has been a steady growth in turnover year on year. The September 2018 fundraising round is intended to provide capital to catalyse product development. Paper Plus is set to grow its research team and accelerate their expansion into Southern Europe in the next 12 months. Kaushal intends to ensure that envoPAP is ready to seize market opportunities presented by environmental concerns with plastic waste. Kaushal also co-founded INWIUS Capital, a private equity investments company in 2017. The company looks set to become a serious player in the flow of investment between India and the UK. INWIUS has multiple platforms for investment and exceptional expertise.

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