New British youth drama sees UK premiere on Community Channel

Rupanjana Dutta Monday 16th February 2015 06:27 EST

Community Channel's first ever British youth drama funded by Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will be aired for the first time on 22 February at 10pm. PREMature is a graphic and emotional series that looks at the challenges young people face.

The first episode in a gripping coming of age drama, PREMature follows the life of a troubled teenager, Prem, who is of British Asian background, as he struggles to cope following the death of his grandmother and traumatic divorce of his parents.

Set in Greater West London, this potent and graphic ensemble series, sees a teenager attempt to carve his own path to manhood, as both he and those around him venture in to the light and dark sides of life.

With turbulence in all parts of his life coming to a head, high school loner Prem is about to discover some harsh realities of growing up.

Led by an outstanding cast of British newcomers, many of who are British Asians, PREMature has an absence of stereotypes and token ethnic representations. Each strongly individual episode drives the story forward, to entertain and absorb, whilst hitting the viewer hard with moments of dark humour and surreal psychedelic sequences.

Rohith S. Katbamna, PREMature’s Producer, Director and Writer, explained the thinking behind the series’ concept: “PREMature came about from two variables: A drama series I would want to see; and a rare experimental approach towards television content.

“PREMature is in this sphere of creation where passion is the centrepiece. Narratively speaking, it's a story that I took from points of my own life, applied real life situations, surreal and psychedelic sequences, asked the public for support, obtained a broadcaster and continued down the road less travelled.”

PREMature initially raised £35,000 through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2014.

Katbamna speaking about the difference that crowdfunding makes to a new series like PREMature, said: “Instead of applying for funding judged by a small group of people who are likely not to be the demographic consumer of your content, and more inclined to stick with conventional, high concept easy-to-sell projects, crowdfunding has allowed project creators to go directly to it's potential audience, and gauge a realistic and sometimes brutally honest response and realisation of how your project may be received.

“Crowdfunding can be as cutting and testing as the TV industry, but a sense of fulfilment washes over you - especially when a network of supporters outside of your friends and family, want to know more about what you're wanting to achieve.”

The first episode of PREMature will be aired on Sunday 22nd February 2015 at 10 PM GMT on Community Channel (Sky 539, Virgin Media 233, Freesat 561, Freeview 63)

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