Mum wet herself when River Island staff refused access to toilet

Thursday 30th June 2022 05:34 EDT

Bianca Artwell, 30, from Rugby in Warwickshire, who suffers from a condition which affects her nervous system called Functional Neurological Disorder (FND), was forced to wet herself in the middle of River Island after staff did not let her use the toilet.

Bianca said last week she was returning a pair of her three-year-old daughter’s shoes at River Island in Elliott’s Field Retail Park in Rugby. When she arrived at the tills Bianca realised that she was in need of the toilet, but because of her FND she cannot control it.
However, when she asked the staff, they refused citing company policy. They asked her to go to the toilet at a cafe across the road but as she was leaving the store, she wet herself.

Recalling the incident, Bianca said: ‘I’ve never in my life been treated in such a cold manner. Left in the doorway of a shop with a sign directing people to look at the freak show, with no covering or support.

Bianca has launched a formal complaint against River Island and asked for staff to receive better training.

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