Missing Bradford children on education record

Monday 19th January 2015 13:27 EST

As latest figures are published, there comes the worrying revelation that more than 300 children are missing on the attendance register in Bradford institutions. The statistics show that school children in their hundreds are spending time at home or playing hooky and missing out on their British curriculum. The Bradford Council logs 156 children who should be at primary school and a further 169 who should be receiving a secondary school education. Councillor Ralph Berry, the Council's executive member for children services, stated that matters were more "complicated" than they appeared, while MP for Bradford West, George Galloway said: "It sounds like a high number. And the rest are in schools that are at the bottom of the league. There is one big problem with schooling in Bradford." David Ward, Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East, opined: “What adds to the problem is those children coming in during the year, which is very difficult to plan for”.

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