Migrant rules cause lucrative losses

Tuesday 30th September 2014 11:48 EDT

Universities are facing a huge drop in overseas students, vice chancellors stated on the 26th of September. The report was conducted by Universities UK (UUK) and showed that the number of Indian students has almost halved in the past two years. As students head to establishments in America or Australia the UUK states: 'not only would their presence internationalise the academic environment and campus life, they also contribute more than £7 billion to the Uk's economy.

On the 29th the UUK made the case for international students to be removed from major migration targets and also appealed that they be given enhanced opportunities to stay on and work after graduating. It stated that the Conservatives were the only party not taking into account the financial and cultural damage and presented the situation as worrying, 'not least' because of 'a drop in those taking Stem courses and the continued decline in Indian students, following an incredible 49 percent drop (…) The current one-size-fits-all approach to immigration does not work. It must be changed'.

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