Mayor of London and Dhaka write about 'climate migration challenge'

Monday 20th December 2021 10:26 EST

Ahead of International Migrants Day - 18 December, in an Op-Ed for the New Statesman, Mayor Sadiq Khan (London) and Mayor Islam (North Dhaka) wrote about how world leaders must prepare for climate migration challenges. Sadiq Khan is also the chair of C40 Cities. Mohammad Atiqul Islam is Mayor of Dhaka North and vice-chair of C40 Cities and co-chair of the C40-MMC Global Mayors Task Force on Climate and Migration.


Here are a few excerpts:


“London and Dhaka may be separated by thousands of miles and multiple time zones, but we are united by strong and historic bonds that transcend geography and bring us closer together in today’s globalised world.

“London, for example, is home to a Bangladeshi-origin community of more than 200,000, based mainly in the East End and around the cultural hub of Brick Lane, which makes a significant and positive contribution to the city’s economy. London and Dhaka’s relationship is not only based on business; it is also rooted in human connections between family and friends in the diaspora. This means we share a much deeper affinity, not to mention a mutual love of spicy food and cricket.

“All over the world, people are already being forced to move due to the climate crisis, from small island states in the Pacific to Latin America, South-East Asia, Africa and North America. The World Bank estimates that 216 million people across six world regions could be displaced within their countries by 2050 due to climate breakdown.

“Tackling this global issue requires collaboration and concerted action. That’s why C40 Cities and the Mayors Migration Council (MMC) launched the C40-MMC Global Mayors Task Force on Climate and Migration in 2021. The task force is led by the mayors of a diverse group of global cities – including developed, developing, coastal, inland, large and mega-sized cities – which are dedicated to accelerating local, national and international responses to the challenges of climate and migration.

“The C40-MMC Task Force released an Action Agenda at COP26 and will champion this agenda over the next year ahead of Cop27, when progress is needed to secure global net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and mobilise sufficient levels of climate finance, particularly for adaptation in the Global South, to reach the already delayed public commitment of raising $100bn per year.

"The task force’s agenda urges national governments and international agencies to support cities by investing more in urban resilience to climate hazards, especially in climate-vulnerable countries and communities. They must ensure the protection and inclusion of those displaced by the climate crisis and guarantee equitable access to essential services such as Covid-19 vaccinations. 

“Every country, city and individual will be affected by the climate crisis – and so we all have a shared interest in rising to meet this challenge. Wherever we are in the world, we all benefit from stronger and fairer economies, healthier communities, more equal societies and cleaner air. We have so much to gain by working together, and so much to lose by not doing so."

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