Sadiq Khan and communities join forces to ensure no Londoner is left behind in vaccine rollout

Monday 20th December 2021 10:09 EST

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has announced that a series of virtual events will take place in the coming weeks as the capital’s health leaders and community representatives join together to ensure that no Londoner is left behind in the vaccine rollout.


The virtual sessions will include representatives from NHS London and London’s diverse communities – including Black, Muslim, Jewish and Eastern European communities - to encourage open and positive conversations on the current situation in London and why vaccines are such a crucial part of keeping us all safe.


The capital’s Black and Asian communities and those living on lower incomes have been impacted disproportionately by the pandemic, and Londoners from minority ethnic backgrounds, and Black Londoners in particular, have been targeted with dangerous misinformation on social media making communities less likely to take up the vaccine.


The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said:   “I don’t want any Londoner to be left behind in the vaccine rollout – particularly those communities who have been so badly affected by the pandemic, with the disproportionate loss of both loved ones and livelihoods. That’s why, working closely with leading community groups and health leaders, we’re hosting these Big Conversation sessions to encourage frank, honest and open dialogue on the questions and concerns Londoners have about the safety of the jabs. I urge Londoners to join these sessions, to ask the questions you want answered and to take the right action to protect yourself and your loved ones this winter.”


Dr Vin Diwakar, Medical Director for the NHS in London, said: “It is incredibly important that all Londoners have access to accurate information so they can make the right decision to protect themselves and their loved ones against this virus. The fact is that the more vaccinated you are, the more protected you are against serious illness and we want all Londoners over the age of 18 to complete all three doses. But it all starts with a first dose, so don’t delay even if you’re starting off with your first dose now – the NHS’ offer to get vaccinated is there for everyone.”


Dr Salman Waqar, General Secretary of BIMA, said: “Many Muslims in the UK are from ethnic minority groups who are at risk of Covid-19 related complications which we know can be minimised by vaccination. It is so important for us to hold spaces for our community to come together and access the information needed to make informed decisions about getting vaccinated so that no one gets left behind.”

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