Lord Shree Jagannatha Mahaprabhu temple UK

Tuesday 02nd November 2021 15:16 EDT

The Shree Jagannatha Society (SJS), UK was set up with an objective of building a grand temple to serve Lord Shree Jagannatha Mahaprabhu in or around London. This has been a  long-standing desire of all Jagannatha devotees in the United Kingdom. The society has been working tirelessly to enlist members and identify an appropriate site for the construction of the temple. In the meantime, they are establishing  a temporary abode for the Lord at the Shree Ram Mandir in Southall, London.

The idols of Lord Shree Jagannath, Devi Subhadra and Lord Balabhadra have arrived in London after making the long journey from Puri. The SJS are celebrating the consecration and installations of the deities during the auspicious Diwali week, commencing  on the 1st till the 3rd of November. The rituals will be performed by local priests under the guidance of eminent priests by video link, from Puri. These  sacred rituals will culminate with the  Prana Pratistha on the 3rd of November. The occasion will be graced by his holy highness Shri Mohanji, an eminent philanthropist and humanitarian and Guruji Dr Chandra Bhan Satpathy, a noted scholar, spiritual thinker and founder chairman of Shiridi Sai Global foundation. This will be followed by a grand public event planned for the 6th of November, amidst invited esteemed guests, members and devotees. 


It is expected that a large number of devotees will be attending the 4 days long ceremonies, offering their prayers and enjoying the sacred prasad. The programme will include Spiritual recitals, kirtans and cultural events. Many viewers from India and around the world, have expressed their interest to watch the celebrations online.

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