Londoners are encouraged to use NHS 111 service to avoid unnecessary A&E visits

Thursday 22nd February 2018 06:34 EST

It is estimated that 768,404 Londoners go to A&E each year who could have been helped by NHS 111

Londoners are being urged to avoid unnecessary trips to A&E by getting help from an enhanced NHS 111 service, which now offers a wider range of clinical services in the capital than ever before.
This includes direct access to advice from GPs, nurses, midwives, pharmacists and specialists in mental health, cancer and child health.
Dr Mathi Woodhouse, GP at Pinn Medical Centre, London told Asian Voice: “NHS 111 in London can now offer patients an even wider range of medical advice direct from pharmacists, GPs, nurses and mental health specialists who work hand in hand with call handlers.
“Many of my patients tell me that if they had known that they could get advice on the phone instead of waiting for several hours in a busy A&E, they would have done so. We want to help people understand how NHS 111 can help them and reduce unnecessary trips to A&E, which will help our hospitals. I know that patients want high quality clinical advice, close to their home from trained professionals and this is what they can get from NHS 111.”
Sharing her experience of using NHS 111, London resident, Hemangini Bhatia said: “I called NHS 111 when my son was breathing very heavily with a wheezing sound. This happened twice, first when he was 4 months and later when he was 16 months. I found NHS 111 very helpful. The call handler asked a few questions, talked me through the process and then made an appointment at Hillingdon Hospital which saved me from going to A&E. As a result, my sonwas quickly diagnosed with croup and was successfully treated. I wouldn’t hesitate to call 111 again if I needed to.”
Mala Kumari sharing her experience of using NHS 111, said: “We were concerned when my 3 year old son was breathing heavily during the night so we called NHS 111. After asking about his symptoms the call handler arranged for an ambulance to be sent to us and my son was admitted to hospital. It transpired that he was allergic to dust and had an asthma attack. I am grateful to the NHS 111 team for their quick response to our call and the immediate action taken.”
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