Valerie Vaz becomes an advisor to the queen

Wednesday 18th September 2019 06:01 EDT

A Labour MP has recently been appointed to the Privy Council. Valerie Vaz who was first elected as the Labour MP for Walsall South in 2010 is one of the three members to serve the council as announced by Downing Street.

As part of the council she will now advise the queen on the issuance of royal charters, the exercises of Royal Prerogative and can also draft acts of Parliament.

"In relation to prorogation, it is the Government of the day, The Prime Minister who advises the Queen who issues a proclamation. There was no role for HM Opposition in this matter. The Judgment from the Supreme Court is expected early next week and I look forward to hearing the views of the Court," she said.

The Council presently has 700 members and includes former Prime Minister David Cameron, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan among others.

Two other appointees include Solicitor General Michael Ellis MP and Alec Shelbrooke MP, who are both Conservatives.

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