Tory Islamophobia row: Candidate retweets post claiming Muslims have 'nasty culture'

Tuesday 10th December 2019 05:59 EST

A former BBC journalist and Conservative general election candidate shared messages on social media where she claimed Muslims play the “race card” and have a “nasty culture”.

Linden Kemkaran, who is contesting from Bradford East, retweeted a user on Twitter last week who dismissed Islamophobia as nonsense – describing it as a “crock”.

She retweeted two others who accused Naz Shah, of being “not white enough” to have experienced Bradford’s “no-go areas” and claiming the prospective MP’s loyalties did not lie in the city.

Kemkaran also ‘liked’ a post labelling the shadow minister for women and equalities – who is British-born and of Pakistani heritage – a “Pakideshi” who pushes the “doggy do-do Muslim narrative”.

It comes after the Conservative party chairman, James Cleverly, apologised on Sunday after a string of allegations of Islamophobia and racism against the party’s candidates. According to The Guardian at least four ministers had gone on election campaigning trips to endorse Tory candidates accused of anti-Muslim hatred.

Kemkaran – who has been pictured with Boris Johnson – became embroiled in a row with Shah after the shadow minister accused her of using “far-right language”, claiming she told young people at a hustings last Thursday that the city had “crime infested streets” and “no-go areas”.

In response, Kemkaran re-tweeted a user – whose Twitter biography reads “No to that cult, Islam” – who sent a message to Shah saying,

“You are a dunce. There weren’t any no go areas when I was a kid. Muslims always the victims, play race card, ‘Islamophobia’, what a crock, what a nasty culture. No integration, what makes you think we will accept 3rd world ways and why should we?”

She also retweeted another user who messaged Shah saying, “We know where your loyalties lie and it’s not Bradford.”

The Tory candidate also liked a tweet from a user who replied to Shah’s criticism of Kemkaran’s comments about “no-go areas” in Bradford, writing: “Pushing the doggy do do Muslim narrative again. Another Pakideshi [who just happens to support rape gangs] pushing her lies via the race card. Truth hurts. There are ‘no go’ areas in #Bradford, crime is 50% above the average – not forgetting their other cultural delights, FGM.”

She also liked another tweet by a user who claimed that she was not able to view a house because the sellers required a “sharia mortgage”.

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