Three Asian gold robberies, couple tortured and beaten up

Friday 23rd November 2018 12:11 EST

At 8:30 p.m. on Monday a 75-year-old practising GP, his 64-year-old wife and a visiting friend were held for more than an hour by the gang, who threatened them with a blade and screwdriver as they ransacked the £850,000 home in Enfield.

The husband said: “We were watching TV and my wife went to the kitchen to heat up some food and as she got to the kitchen these men were in the hall.

“They dragged her back into the lounge, drew the curtains and kept us in darkness. They told us to put our hands on the table, don’t talk and just sit down.” One of the thugs grabbed the doctor’s walking stick to beat him into silence while he was uttering a prayer.

The gang doused the walls, floor and furniture with thick blue detergent before escaping with jewellery, watches, cash and precious family heirlooms worth £30,000.

He added: “I feel like we were taken hostage in our own home. They said to not try anything or they would kill us and they had a knife, screwdriver and a hammer.”

It was one of a series of three linked raids on owners of “Asian gold” in the area, which Scotland Yard said today have netted more than £100,000.

Three days earlier, their 41-year-old daughter's home in Arnos Grove was also burgled while she was at a charity event. The raiders took an estimated £70,000 worth of goods, including a £12,000 Rolex, a £15,000 diamond engagement ring, a £5,000 engagement ring, a Cartier watch and a Jimmy Choo handbag.

The daughter said: “My parents are now in fear of going to bed at night. They are very shaken. We cannot bear this.”

On Saturday, a pensioner was pushed to the floor by three masked men who broke into her home and cut a gold chain from her neck.

Detective Inspector Paul Ridley said: “All these burglaries targeted high-value ‘Asian gold’. I would urge anyone who might have witnessed these offences to come forward, as well as anyone who may have been offered the stolen jewellery for sale.”

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