Tesco receives flak for placing bacon-flavoured crisps in Ramadan stand

Thursday 25th June 2015 06:16 EDT

A Tesco store at Liverpool Street, London has come under major scrutiny after placing bacon-flavoured Pringles in a Ramadan promotional stand.

The consumption of pork is forbidden by those who follow the faith of Islam. Many people have questioned why Tesco decided to use Ramadan to promote their smokey bacon Pringles crisps.

Many people tweeted about the irony of having a pork-flavoured product in a Ramadan stand. However, 25-year-old Raza Hassan, who spotted the deal at Tesco, found it rather “hilarious”. He said, “They had other flavours as well, it just seemed someone had stacked them in to the Ramadan promotional one by mistake! It didn’t offend me at all – but the irony of it was hilarious.”

The bacon-flavoured Pringles do not actually contain pork and use flavouring to gain their taste. The crisps are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, as well as Muslims.

Tesco has accepted that this was an inappropriate move. A Tesco spokesperson said, “We are proud to offer a wide range of meals and products to meet the needs of our customers during Ramadan. We recognise these Pringles weren’t in the most suitable place and our store colleagues have now moved them.”

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