Student sues University for not receiving expected grades

Tuesday 05th November 2019 15:46 EST

A 33-year-old student is seeking £200,000 in damages from his university because he failed to get the marks that he wanted.

Umer Riaz, has vowed to take his battle to the highest court in the land when his case was kicked out by Cardiff County Court after the University of South Wales told a judge he had ‘no prospect of success’. Riaz came to the UK to study from Islamabad, Pakistan, received a pass – the equivalent of a third class degree. He started studying chemistry in 2011 but had to re-sit his first year after failing to get the required credits.

In 2014 his second year modules had to be deferred until the next year after he said he ‘suffered a fall’.

Mr Riaz, who represented himself, said: ‘I was quite good at my studies and I passed my English courses back home. ‘I was the youngest and my family wanted to give me the opportunity for higher study. My parents are illiterate, they didn’t go to school."

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