Wednesday 10th July 2019 07:05 EDT

On 6 July 2015 an email was sent to Mr Praful Patel by Dhiren Katwa, Senior News Editor of the Asian Voice which was blind copied to more than two hundred individuals including members of the mainstream press, Members of Parliament, Peers and Government Officials, as well as a number of other individuals within the Asian community. The email requested disclosure of the accounts of The India Overseas Trust and enclosed two readers’ letters. It has since come to light that the accounts requested had been filed with the Charity Commission in the time period prescribed by law and were indeed readily available at the time of Mr Katwa sending the aforementioned email. Furthermore, the two readers’ letters are hereby withdrawn. We make it absolutely clear that at no point did we or anyone associated with this publication consider or allege any wrongdoing on the part of Mr Patel, or any other members/Trustees/agents of The Indian Overseas Trust. Furthermore, Mr Katwa regrets and apologises if his email and associated articles have been misconstrued as such. This statement has been sent to those copied in on the original email.

Mr Praful Patel has donated the sum of £2,500 to the Karmayoga Foundation for its charitable works.

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