Slickly Ballroom partners with Lucrum Group, launched at Piccadilly

Charusmita Monday 06th October 2014 14:11 EDT

As an initiative to nurture and boost entrepreneurship in Britain, the evening of 24th September saw the launch of Slickly Ballroom, a spectacular dance show set at Le Meridien in London’s Piccadilly. The event marked the show’s partnership with Lucrum Group. Lucrum Consultancy is an investor in people and it was founded by an Indian entrepreneur, Milind Kangle, to empower aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and ambitions. The company’s vision is to create business and career opportunities for the youth, women and unemployed who are passionate to learn, grow and contribute positively to the success of our country.

Showcasing dances including Cha Cha, Salsa, Lindyhop and Jive – among many others, the Slickly Ballroom show performed to a host of guests, media and corporate executives. Slickly Ballroom is the brainchild of Louise Jones, a singer and entrepreneur who started the business in 2014. It is crafted and marketed for a wide range of event celebrations. Fascinatingly, Slickly Ballroom is also popular amongst Asian Weddings and the dance group is planning a Bollywood themed dance style for the same. As of now too, they have a variety of Asian wedding entertainment ideas which are expected to unfold with its launch.

The event celebrated Jones’ recent partnership with Lucrum Group, whose investments include Slickly Ballroom (Shall We Dance), FixCorp Ltd. (Building & Maintenance Services) and Curry Special (Asian Gourmet Specialist). Bringing together two of its ventures, the event was catered by Group’s other success story, Curry Special an Asian Gourmet specialist spearheaded by its CEO Paul Luther. He has over 25 years of experience in the events industry. Paul derives his inspiration from his mother and is an asset to the Group.

Milind Kangle, Founder of Lucrum Group said, “If greater evidence was needed to prove the magic and innovation present among start-ups and entrepreneurs in Britain today, last night’s event happily obliged. As an entrepreneur, I am incredibly encouraged to recognise the same spark and passion among young businesses that afforded my own success.” Louise Jones added, “I am confident we have found a fantastic partner in Lucrum Group and look forward to the journey ahead.  

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