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Your ultimate guide to handling gossip, negative press, and social media

Wednesday 09th October 2019 16:23 EDT

On 3rd October, Thursday, Sangeeta Waldron launched her first book The PR Knowledge Book, published by BEP Publishing at St. James Court, Taj. The 12 chapters of the book, are an ultimate guide to individuals across all quarters of society. These individuals can be aspiring professionals or even home-preneurs who are trying to learn the magic formula of acing the fast-paced social media lifestyle and creating a brand name both for themselves as well as their organisation.

The author tries to discover how to get your brand out there so you can attract clients and new business, irrespective of the organisation's size, scale and outreach. Speaking at the event, she disclosed-

“I had wanted to write a book ever since I was 10 years old. But I had never imagined it would be centred around my professional career.

“People would meet me at events or even approach me on Twitter asking for my advice on certain subjects and I would help them navigate through the issue at hand. And over time, I realised that some people don't realise the significance of networking and public relations. This is why I chose to write about understanding the principles of Public relations.”

In her book, Waldron strikes a conversational tone and uses specific experiences from her own professional career in her attempts at de-mystify the controversial yet, a sensitive world of Public Relations. This book covers everything within the world of PR from how to create a brand, how to use social media, how to be newsworthy, how to contact the media, how to have a global mindset, the power of networking, and more. It is written in an easy style, packed with powerful tips, proven tools, and real-life case studies from around the world.

Today, there are CEOs across the world who are either laggards or relatively less active than others on their social media accounts. There are also quite a few business consultants who are themselves not present on Facebook and Twitter but are advising companies listed on FTSE 500 about ways to navigate the world of negative press and fake news. Stressing on the importance of having an active social media presence, Sangeeta said-

“Not being present on social media but offering guidance along the subject to others is similar to living in a world where a blind is leading another blind. Today, there is no such concept as negative PR. We only have to respond to any latest event or development within 24 hours of the incident and with a carefully planned response, everything works out well.”

The PR Knowledge Book is a comprehensive read for a student starting in this industry, self-employed, small business, start-up, charity, or any other type of organization wanting to embark on their PR journey or someone just plain curious about what it entails.

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