My Two Homes, inside the Royal Air Force

Wednesday 09th October 2019 09:47 EDT

On Tuesday, 1st October, the Royal Air Force (RAF) organised an event promoting inclusivity and diversity within the organisation with a preview of their latest documentary My Two Homes.

The project – My Two Homes – followed young RAF professionals working in a variety of fields and chronicled their lives at home and whilst on base. This documentary features four young RAF personnel from diverse and ethnic backgrounds. It aims to dispel the general misconceptions that exist in the community with regards to serving at the Defence Forces and chronicles the training and global travel opportunities that the RAF can present to the next generation.

“Working for the RAF isn't like having just one job, you are constantly moving around doing different roles and it keeps things interesting. No two-days are the same,” said Tahir, an Engineer Officer at the RAF who is also featured in the documentary.

A native from Pakistan, Tahir joined the RAF in 2015 and spends much of his time on the hangar, managing his team of about 85 engineers. His tasks include working on the base stripping, fixing and re-building the RAF's fleet of helicopters. As a practising Muslim, Tahir speaks about the importance of working in an environment where individuals' religious and cultural values are accepted and celebrated. From ensuring halal ration packs are available during training sessions to curating an atmosphere where one can pray and visit their local mosque, RAF is a home away from home especially for those close to their family. Perhaps, the friendly work culture and the brotherhood among the men in uniform is best reflected in this project.

Nina Manandhar, a British Nepalese photographer is one of the artists associated with the project. She has previously curated Gurkha Sons where she photographed the 'k-boyz' (Kaprukka) and shed light on the challenges and benefits of coming from a Gurkha family in the UK.

Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mike Wigston CBE was present at the event and congratulated team Livity UK alongside all the other forces engaged in the culmination of this documentary.

There are several roles within the RAF that do not necessarily mandate for individuals to serve at line of duty. From working as a physical training instructor to a medical support officer or even a photographer, the RAF offers countless opportunities to pick from. For further information visit:

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