Mr Corbyn, You Are Not Convincing

Tuesday 22nd October 2019 14:33 EDT

Dear Mr Corbyn,

On behalf of Indian organisations, a courtesy letter was sent to you lately. Not only is your reply completely out of context and misleading, it may perhaps be the most half-hearted text I have read in this lifetime. Innumerable readers have written to us (See Letter Page). You have received an appropriate response by Mr Alpesh Patel (See the Edit Page Column).

In fact, several Labour MPs, London Assembly Members and other leaders have written to us saying you have tried to divert people looking at the way you have written to Mr CB Patel, Publisher- Editor Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar.

'Kashmir Protest March'

According to Scotland Yard, 5,000 to 10,000 Pakistanis are supposed to hold a march that begins from Richmond Terrace (Opp Downing Street) at 10 am on Diwali, October 27, Sunday. They call it the 'Kashmir Protest March'. They are then going to Trafalgar Square where the London Mayor has organised the annual Diwali celebration. Then this march will reach India House. What a dangerous and divisive situation.

Many Muslims have raised the issue why so called Pakistani protesters have chosen to attack the largest Hindu celebration on the auspicious occasion of Diwali in Central London? Are the protesters anti-Hindu? Never before has such a march been allowed against any faith traditions in London.

Scotland Yard and the Home Secretary have been reached out by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, several MPs, and member of London Assembly Mr Naveen Shah. They have stated that such a provocation endangers the peace and harmony of this great city.

If this march results in violence or bloodshed, the signal will go all over the world warning investors to think twice before investing in the UK. (For further details, see inside). We believe that if the march cannot be stopped by the Home Secretary, then its the duty of the Home Secretary and Commissioner of Metro Police to ensure no harm is done to Brit-Indians or properties of the Indian High Commission or others.

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