MF Husain: The Journey of a Legend

A Tribute to the Artist, Indian Art Week, London 3 – 8 June 2015, Shapero Rare Books

Tuesday 05th May 2015 08:57 EDT

Stellar International Art Foundation and Shapero Modern are pleased to present a non-selling exhibition of works by the late, great MF Husain at Shapero Rare Books in conjunction with India Art Week, June 2015.

This is Stellar International Art Foundation’s first London exhibition and will feature heretofore-unseen Paintings and Drawings from within the Stellar’s own collection over the three floors of this longstanding Mayfair Institution.

The presentation precedes the Indian Art Auctions on view over the same period, reinforcing an active programme of Indian art in the community during this summer season.

Stellar International Art Foundation has the largest collection of MF Husain’s works outside of the estate – making it the most important warden of his oeuvre. Work from The Collection
spans his entire career and includes large, and sometimes entire, bodies of some of his most significant series including Ramayana, Our Planet Called Earth and most importantly, Maria.

This is the first true survey of the Artist’s work from across his career and various media practices ever to be staged in the UK – one of the Cities he called his home in his later years.

“Husain’s work has a monumentality that this generation cannot hope to grasp, being close to the subject and from seeing the artist up close. In decades to come, he will be studied for each brush stroke and every tone of colour, for his subjects and his inspiring vision. He will move beyond mere markets, into the realm of the great artists of the world.” – Kishore Singh, MF Husain: The Journey of a Legend, August 2014

Alongside the paintings and drawings from the collection, visitors will be able to preview Stellar International Art Foundation’s seminal publication on the artist: MF Husain: The Journey of a Legend. This raisonné is not only the first since the artist’s demise, containing plates of the over 250 works within Stellar’s collection, but includes important new scholarship on the Artist as presented by the research and interviews of curator and critic Kishore Singh.

Husain was himself a scholar of Indian history and philosophy, and it is fitting for his work to appear alongside the maps, atlases, and studies of his native land amidst Shapero’s rare, vintage holdings. 

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