Doctor fleeces people with Coronavirus test kits

Monday 23rd March 2020 11:38 EDT

A latest report has exposed how a private doctor fleeced about £2.5m from thousands of people across the UK, on the grounds of testing for Coronavirus, profiteering about £1.7m in less than a week even as the doctor denied the profits.

According to The Times, Dr Mark Ali, sold more than 6,600 coronavirus test kits for £375 each to all those who fear that they may have contracted the disease. The price is three times higher than what his supplier, Randox Laboratories, charges the public for the same tests. The analysis work on samples is actually done by the clinical diagnostic company in Crumlin, Northern Ireland, which offers the test to the public at £120 only.

Dr. Ali offers the tests through his company, Private Harley Street Clinic Limited, which, is actually based at his flat in North London and had hired temporary agency staff in the past few days to attend the calls. Having sold the testing kits, the clinic passes the information against GDPR policy to an intermediary in Barnsley. The efficacy of the test has yet to be approved by Public Health England.

The shadow health secretary, Jon Ashworth, in a statement to The Times said,

“This is an unprecedented public health crisis. People will be disgusted at profiteering behaviour like this.

“It has to be a national priority to ramp up testing, especially for our NHS staff, and the government must stamp out this exploitative action.”

The Randox tests are claimed to be the only ones in the world that “can identify the lethal Covid-19 virus and differentiate between nine other viruses with the same symptoms”. Customers are instructed to swab their nostrils and throat, and post samples to Randox for analysis.

Randox said it did not have a direct customer relationship with Ali and therefore had no control over the amount he charged.

A man accused of making fake coronavirus treatment kits and trying to sell them around the world appeared before Brighton magistrates yesterday. Frank Ludlow, 59, was charged with fraud and remanded in custody.

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