Beware of cyber crime this Black Friday

Tuesday 20th November 2018 13:48 EST

There's been a surge of cybercriminals and cybergangs who bypass consumers and going directly to their favorite e-commerce merchants to rob them. and, They are expected to step up their game on Black Friday.

“No matter how diligently consumers strive to protect their credit card and personal information, organized crime is attacking the places where we shop online with no less than 14 malware families aimed at the biggest e-commerce brands,” warns Jeremy Samide CEO of Stealthcare.

Stealthcare’s Zero Day Live Threat Intelligence platform has uncovered these cyberattacks and now protects its clients so e-retailors with the tools needed to prevent these greed-motivated cyberattacks.

Don’t make purchases using unsecured Wi-Fi hot spots at the coffeeshop. Change passwords frequently and do not use obvious words as passwords, Samide advices.

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