Baroness Brady MBA course to empower women in businesses

Tuesday 14th January 2020 10:45 EST

On Tuesday 14th January Baroness Karren Brady announced that she is launching a new MBA course with Arden University in a bid to combat gender imbalance in the boardroom.

Through this new program Baroness Brady aims to unlock the potential of entrepreneurs, having developed the course with senior academics and will give students, regardless of their gender, the confidence and risk-taking acumen to break the glass ceilings in a male-dominated world.

The distance-learning MBA programme will focus on personal communication, negotiation, self-development, emotional intelligence among others. Each of the MBA’s modules will feature a masterclass with a business leader, includingThe Apprentice famed Baroness Brady, in which she will draw on her personal experiences in a career that has taken her from top-flight football management to the House of Lords. Baroness Brady said:

“Creating a programme for people from different backgrounds, especially women, and giving them the skills and confidence to succeed in the corporate world is a vital step in improving boardroom diversity and the productivity of UK plc (public limited company).

“Diversity and inclusion is crucial for successful team performance and the fact remains that there is a glass ceiling for far too many women. Our new MBA has a high degree of relevance for female managers in this country. About 30 per cent of MBA completers are women in this country and that cannot be right in 2020.”

Progress at addressing the gender gap in business has been slow. Women hold just 16.9 per cent of board seats globally and 4.4 per cent of CEO positions, according to Deloitte Global’s sixth edition of Women in the Boardroom: A Global Perspective published last year.

The new course is slated to begin in November this year.

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