Assuring safety at Christmas markets

Tuesday 10th December 2019 14:51 EST

On Monday 9th December in a bid to assure British people that they are protected, it was reported that convicted or suspected jihadists will be banned from going to crowded areas this festive season. Justice secretary Robert Buckland said tough restrictions will be imposed on Islamist extremists in the wake of the London Bridge attack. Jihadists will be banned from travelling to places where there are large gatherings, which includes festive markets, sports stadiums and shopping centres. Buckland told the Mail,

“Christmas is coming so we are absolutely right to do this. Given what has happened, there will be much more comprehensive restrictions for these people. There will be tougher travel restrictions, stopping them going to crowded places such as Christmas markets. It's important that we give the highest degree of confidence to the British people that they are protected from the people who want to inflict terror. We can't let our way of life be undermined.”

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