Aldi removes sticker after Hindus upset over beef advertisement

Tuesday 02nd March 2021 13:03 EST

Some British Hindus have demanded an apology and immediate withdrawal of words “Taste of India” from Beef Steaks product of Aldi UK. They are upset that Aldi has associated Beef with India considering of the 29 Indian states, 20 of those prohibit cow slaughter as cow is a sacred animal in India.

Lord Rami Ranger had tweeted, “No one should ever hurt the religious feelings of anyone. Beef cannot be the “Taste of India”.

Now, Aldi has removed a sticker from a meat dish in all its stores after the label caused offence amongst the Hindu community. The supermarket giant received complaints after it called its Mango Masala Beef Steaks a “Taste of India”.

Nandini Singh, of Reach India told MyLondon that the labelling shows the chain is “not aware or do not care about Hindus”.

She added: “The Hindus do not eat beef and we worship the cow.

“Aldi has been very insensitive and hurt the Hindus who shop at Aldi by selling this as Taste of India.

"Hindus make up the majority in India and give immense respect to the cow. Selling Beef as Taste of India in Aldi clearly shows they are either not aware or do not care about the Hindus."

An Aldi spokesperson apologised for the sticker and said they will no longer appear on products.

“We are very sorry for any disappointment this may have caused. It’s by no means out intension to cause any upset. The label has now been removed from these products,” they said.

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