'Apne Apne Ram'

Tuesday 24th September 2019 13:23 EDT

The heart of London witnessed a mesmerising set of evenings during past weekend. Dr Kumar Vishwas, a recognised poet and prominent speaker from India was here to present a two day session about life management lessons from the life of Lord Ram, titled as 'Apne-Apne Ram'. The two day session which ran for approximately three hours each day of Sept 21st and 22nd, captured the attention of invited guest audiences to its fullest.

Starting from the note that the God visits the earth in a human body so as to teach the mankind about how to live a better life, Dr Kumar Vishwas talked about how the story of Lord Ram teaches us how to fight stress, how to face failures, how to succeed in life and how to manage a high-value life. Not only this, he also talked about how the story of Lord Ram connects to Common man, Corporate and even the Government as well as Governance. Dr Vishwas quoted several couplets from Valmiki Ramayana in Sanskrit and Ram Charit Manas in Avadhi. He also quoted several poets and writers during his address. The talk session was organised by prominent businessman Anil Aggarwal of Vedanta Resources Ltd. and managed by Siya Events Global Ltd.

The session filled with spirituality, motivation and occasional humor was backed with live music from band Poetica coming from India and was anchored by a prominent Television anchor from India, Richa Aniruddha. Audiences included several prominent persons of Indian origin from business, media, politics, spirituality and other areas. Invited guests of Anil Aggarwal included audience from UK, Europe, India, UAE, Russia and Thailand. The audience were encouraged to submit their queries from any part of the story of Lord Ram. Several audience asked questions and Dr Kumar Vishwas addressed a few of them.

The audience also expressed their views about the session. They said that it was first time in their lives that they could relate their own lives with that of Lord Ram. An attendee who travelled all the way from Thailand to London to attend this session told that he could never imagine that a two-day talk session could give so much enlightenment to his consious. A close associate of Anil Aggarwal added that Anil Ji is an ardent fan of Dr Kumar Vishwas and he was very enthusiastic about the session for past three months.

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