London council steps up security as vandals target low-traffic zones

Wednesday 21st July 2021 13:52 EDT

A London council is to install extra CCTV cameras and step up security patrols following a spate of vandalism connected to low-traffic neighbourhood schemes (LTNs), after oil was poured over planters and on the street in the latest incident.

Lambeth authority said it would seek to prosecute anyone targeting the infrastructure, after other incidents in which plants have been pulled up, signs sprayed over and enforcement cameras damaged.

On Friday, oil was poured over wooden planters – used to limit access to some streets for motor vehicles while allowing pedestrians and cyclists to travel as normal – in Tulse Hill, south London.

Lambeth council said it would install more CCTV cameras and increase police and council patrols. The council also said vandalism could extend the duration of the schemes by causing delays. However, the noise generated by protests, and the accompanying media coverage, has persuaded some councils to rip out their LTNs.

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