Liberal International Group discuss modern slavery

Rabi Martins Tuesday 04th November 2014 07:31 EST

The Modern Slavery Bill making its way through Parliament at present was the subject of a discussion by a number of charities and senior Liberal Democrats including Sir Nick Harvey MP. Lord Raj Loomba and Liberal Democrats activist Anuja Prashar earlier last week (Monday 1st October)

The discussion was preceded by the screening of Lakshmi the story of a beautiful 14 year old girl who is snatched from her family in the village and sold to a brothel in the city. Against all odds, the traumatized and broken child-woman shows courage where everybody else fails. Resisting all pressure, violent threats, coercion and bribes, she stands up in court and in a historic landmark case succeeds in putting the traffickers behind bars.

The story of Lakshmi directed by Nagesh Kukunoor is story based on true events in India It served as a stark reminder to the 100 or so people attended the event that one of the most depressing and pressing issue on our time is the abuse of young girls both in the UK “Trafficking and abuse of young girls is as much a problem in rural England as it is in a remote village in India “said one of those present.

Nick Harvey said this addressing this problem will require international cooperation Raj Loomba promised to ensure the Modern Slavery Bill would not simply be a piece of legislation that is passed and then sits on the shelf

Anuja Prashar promised to pull together the various women’s group in the UK concerned about the issue and keep a watching brief on progress in tackling this scourge which really should have no place in the 21st Centrury

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